HyGreen and Hand Hygiene: How It Works

HyGreen is an electronic hand hygiene recording and reminding system. It records all hand hygiene events in the hospital and reminds healthcare workers to wash before interacting with a patient.

The healthcare worker applies soap or gel to the hands and places them under the HyGreen handwash sensor.
When the sensor detects handwash on the hands, the LED on top of the HyGreen handwash sensor turns green and the HyGreen badge blinks green.

A wireless signal documents the healthcare worker ID, time and location and sends it to a database.
While the healthcare worker takes care of the patient, the HyGreen bed monitor recognizes that the badge is blinking green.

Time and location of the interaction and HCW ID are also transmitted to the database.

If the badge is not green, the bed monitor knows that the healthcare worker has not washed and will vibrate to remind them to wash.
All data is recorded in HyMarks, HyGreen’s hand hygiene reporting system. HyMarks will:
    • Provide data to effect changes in hand hygiene behavior
    • Document all hand hygiene events in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Empower infection preventionists with accurate 24/7 real-time hand hygiene information