Sample Reporting

The HyGreen™ system, when installed hospital-wide, records in real-time every hand washing event and every patient-staff interaction throughout the hospital. From this comprehensive database, using the HyMarks™ reporting system, real-time reports can be quickly produced and filtered by a number of useful parameters, including:

·            For any period of time (hours, days, weeks, months, etc.)
·            For any single Unit, or selected multiple Units, or all Units
·            For any Department, or selected Departments, or all Departments
·            For any type of healthcare worker (Nurse, MD, LPN, etc.)
·            For any healthcare worker ID number
·            For any patient bed location(s) or particular hand-wash stations
·            For any patient rooms or group of locations
Flexible Reporting & Standard Reports
Besides the numerous standard reports produced by the HyMarks™ reporting system, any report can be “memorized” with particular filters and parameters (e.g., a report showing daily compliance percentages by staff ID for several Units), given a customized title and added to the Custom Reports list.
Complete Drill-Down
Every report allows the user to drill-down to deeper layers of detail. For example, if the user is viewing a weekly Compliance Report showing each staff ID in a particular Department with their compliance percentage, it takes a single click on the staff ID number to drill-down to a detailed report for that staff member, showing every transaction or interaction underlying that compliance percentage, listed hour-by-hour with patient/room location and badge status at every interaction. That report can be printed or saved, and a second click takes the user back to the original report.
Exportable Reports
All reports generated by the HyMarks™ reporting system can be exported to Excel for further analysis, for charting and graphing or for easy inclusion into other documents.
The following clickable screen shots will give you an idea of the HyMarks™ reporting system's capabilities.  If you would like an in-person demonstration, please contact us at